What She Rock’d: Ashanti’s I’m Me Collection Yellow Diamond Jumpsuit

While hitting the Hollywood premiere of Mothers and Daughters, Ashanti flaunted her curves in an I’m Me Collection Yellow Diamond Jumpsuit ($298). The black velvet jumper features a gold glitter diamond pattern. The “I Got It” songstress rock’d the sexy ‘fit with black pumps. Get another look inside.

ashanti-yellow-im-me-diamond-yellow-diamond-jumpsuit-10-christal_rock ashanti-yellow-im-me-diamond-yellow-diamond-jumpsuit-04-christal_rock ashanti-yellow-im-me-diamond-yellow-diamond-jumpsuit-01-christal_rockashanti-yellow-im-me-diamond-yellow-diamond-jumpsuit-11-christal_rock
Would you rock it?

Photos: Ashanti – Instagram/ I’m Me Collection

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