Alicia Keys Previews New Song ‘28,000’ In Levis x Alicia Keys Commercial


As the new brand ambassador for Levi’s, Alicia Keys stars in a commercial for the campaign. The oldest jeans company in the world – preparing to launch the most comprehensive reinvention of its women’s jeans since 1934 – has debuted the new ad.

Alicia’s new song, “28,000” is featured, and according to the NY Times, the track will appear on her upcoming album.

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Janet Jackson Teases First New Song In Years


On Monday, Janet Jackson made the announcement that she’s readying a new world tour – “Unbreakable” – which is set to kick off in August. Fans are also getting a taste of what’s to expect from her upcoming album, with a snippet of a song she shared on Twitter.

Along with a video previewing the new music, she wrote: “I wanna tell you how important you are to me! Love J.”

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Kendrick Lamar Debuts New Song On “Colbert Report”

kendrick-lamar-debuts-new-song-on-colbert-report-christal_rock kendrick-lamar-debuts-new-song-on-colbert-report-01-christal_rock

Kendrick Lamar world premiered a powerful new song while making an appearance on Colbert Report last night.

Before taking to the stage to perform, he briefly spoke with Stephen Colbert, explaining why he considers himself a writer instead of a rapper. “I pride myself on that. It’s more storytelling than actually putting rhyming words together,” he said.

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Rihanna Teases Fans With Preview Of New Song [Snippet]


With her new album,R8, in the works, Rihanna teases a new track. She took to Instagram to share the preview, writing: “phuckin roun in da studio.”

A wailing siren kicks off the preview, and then RiRi comes in singing: “Ain’t none of this sh-t promised, ain’t none of this promised… Ain’t none of this sh-t certain, ain’t none of this certain.”

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