Toni Braxton Wears Heart Monitor While Performing At Concert


Toni Braxton is pushing through, keeping her performances going amid complications she’s been facing due to her battle with Lupus. During one of her shows over the weekend, the Braxton Family Values star performed with a heart monitor strapped to her chest.

TMZ obtained footage from her The Hits Tour stop in Savannah, Georgia Saturday night, and as she addressed the crowd, her monitor is in view.

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Toni Braxton Postposes Concert After Being Hospitalized Again For Lupus


Toni Braxton was hospitalized for the second time this month, due to complications from her battle with lupus.

According to TMZ, Toni – who just kicked off her The Hits tour – was taken to the hospital in Cleveland Saturday, and had to postpone her scheduled show for that night. She has since taken to Instagram to thank her fans for the well wishes and understanding.

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Toni Braxton Home After Being Hospitalized Due To Lupus Complications


Toni Braxton was admitted into an L.A. area hospital a few days ago, due to complications stemming from her battle with lupus.

TMZ reports that she was initially checked out by a doctor in Atlanta, but flew to L.A. late last week and was admitted for treatment – where she was hospitalized for four days. When Birdman received word of her hospitalization, he hopped on a jet from New York – where he was on the road with Jacquees – to be by Toni’s side.

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