Nicole Murphy Poses For Bombshell By BLEU


Nicole Murphy wows in a new shoot for Bombshell. The mother of five shows off her amazing figure in the boxing ring in monokinis, a tank with bikini bottoms, and heels.

During her interview, she dishes on how she stays sexy, her dating life, and also addresses rumors that she’s dating Nick Cannon.

Read a few highlights below..


With being the mother of 5 kids, how do you manage to keep your sexy, be a mom, and still have time to do you?

No Doubt, yes I’m a mom and my number one priority is my children, but I also have to take time for me, so I have to love me just as much as I love my babies. I make sure that I take the time out, (an hour a day) to hit the gym, stay fit and also eat healthy. I do have my moments where I do eat badly but the majority of the time I do eat healthy. I have it set up where Eddy, my ex husband, has my kids for a week and I have them for a week. So when he has them, I have time to work on my career and me. I only have two left in the house the rest are grown and out the house.

Are you currently dating?

No I’m currently single, focusing on me. I get asked out a lot but I think when the right one comes along it will be different. I’ve been in relationships for quite along time so it’s nice to be single and do whatever I want.


What are your thoughts on dating younger men?

I don’t see not one thing wrong with. I really look at it and I think it’s messed up that we have this stereotype that it is wrong for an older woman to date a young man. Why are older men dating younger woman but no one says anything about it? Why can’t we get our freak on just like them? It’s time for people to stop making it like a bad thing. If they have a connection let them be happy and do them. When I see it I’m like good for you.

There are so many rumors about you and Nick Cannon what is the real deal with you guys?

We’re just friends. He’s a good guy but we’re just good friends. I see him we say hi, we hang out. We grab something to eat, but that’s about it.

Head over to Bombshell by BLEU to get in on some of Nicole’s fitness and beauty tips, as well as deets on her plans to do a fitness video, and more.


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