Kevin Hart Talks Baby-Making With His Wife Eniko On ‘The Real’


Kevin Hart‘s What Now? movie premieres on the big screen today, and the comedian has been on the promo trail in support of the film. While in Hawaii, he invited The Real cohost, Loni Love out to chat with him about the comedy concert film – and also opened up about plans to add a new addition to his blended family.

He recently shot down rumors that his wife, Eniko Hart, is pregnant, but, during his chat Loni, he revealed that a baby is definitely in their future.

Loni Love: “Are you guys going to have more children?”

Kevin Hart: “I think I am. Me and my wife are talking about it man. I definitely want one. You know, timing is everything. My schedule’s crazy. We’re trying to see the right time for me to go get to work, start putting those lumps in the bed! [Kevin starts body rolling.] That’s right. Right there. That baby action twirl.”

Watch the clip below, and tune in to The Real today to find out what the funnyman shares about his legacy and how he’s changing stand-up comedy.

Photos: Warner Bros. Television/ Kevin Hart – Instagram

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