Katt Williams Released From Jail On $500 Bond Following Fight With Teen


Katt Williams was released from jail Thursday on a $500 bond. The comedian and actor had turned himself in on Wednesday, after being charged with disorderly conduct over a fight he had with a 17-year-old boy in Gainesville last week.

“It’s always a pleasure not to go to jail, but it’s always a pleasure to get out,” Katt told reporters on the scene. His attorney, Drew Finding, announced he was granted a $500 bond, prior to his release.

“Some of us know that Hall County has more Confederate flags than Stone Mountain or Clayton County. Maybe that’s the flag of Georgia – but whatever it is, God bless America, and God bless the nice people at the bonding agent, and the judge,” Katt added. “I’m going to do a better job of not communicating or participating with any other black people in Hall County, because clearly that’s the problem. They issued the paperwork saying that I’m not allowed to be anywhere near the Gainesville Housing Authority, and I thought that was an odd thing to say to a millionaire, that you shouldn’t be in the brokest part of town. I’m not there to get anything, I’m there to help the people of that depressed demographic.”

A pair of shows he was scheduled to perform this weekend in Louisiana, have been rescheduled until April 30 in Bossier City and May 6 in New Orleans, according to his tour publicist.

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