Kanye West Changes The Name Of His Album To WAVES, Wiz Khalifa Reacts On Twitter


Kanye West announced on Monday that his new album is finished – but he last night he revealed that he has made a change to the name. The “Real Friends” rapper announced that instead of SWISH, the album is now titled WAVES.


The name change caught the eye of Wiz Khalifa, who pointed out that MC Max B was the originator of the wavy movement, with a series of tweets. “Max B is the wavy one,” he wrote. “He created the wave. There is no wave without him.”


“All respect to Andre Harrel and Max B #Waves,” added – with Wiz retweeting it saying: “Yea aight.”


Wiz also posted YouTube videos showcasing Max B’s songs. “Just so you know what true waves are,” he wrote. The two went back and forth on Twitter for a while.

In addition to the name change, Ye posted a new shot of his tracklist, which shows that he has one new song in the mix, “Ultra Light Beam.”

WAVES is due to hit shelves on Feb. 11th.


Photos: Hypetrak


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