Eve Dishes On Current Relationship, “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”/Stevie J & More

Eve has been at work on her fourth studio album, Lip Lock, which will see its release next year. She recently made a stop by Philly’s Hot 107.9 for an interview with Q Deezy. They chatted about Eve’s current relationship with her boyfriend Maximillion Cooper; she says that she doesn’t watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta when asked how she feels about seeing Stevie J on the show, and she talks the relationship between Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, and Mashonda.

On what’s so different about her current relationship:

“It’s a grown up relationship. This is probably my first grown up relationship. Like where we can discuss how mad we are at each other, when we actually hate each other in the moment but we still love each other. That’s grown up. Where I don’t throw stuff no more…that’s grown up.”

On how she feels about seeing Stevie J on LHHA:

“I don’t watch it…swear on my life, I never watched it. I don’t allow my eyes and my brain to see it. I hear about it, trust me. I hear about it…I’m not surprised. I do hear about it. I can’t watch it it’s crazy.”

“I’m so happy with the dude I’m with, like why go backwards? It’s nothing in me that makes me feel I need to watch somebody being a fool..from what I hear, anyway.

She goes on to say that although she doesn’t watch the show, she hears about it once people she knows give her the scoop on what went down, after finding out she doesn’t watch it.

When asked about how the relationship works between, Alicia Keys, Mashonda, and Swizz Beatz, Eve says that they’re all grown ups and that’s how it works. She also says; “It is what it is; they went through what they went through and now it’s all good. They share families between them, so they gotta be cordial…it’s all good.”

Check iout the full interview at 107.9 Philly.

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