Erykah Badu Named New Face Of Givenchy


Erykah Badu is joining forces with Givenchy for its 2014 Spring campaign. A beautiful photo of the Neo-Soul songstress rockin’ pieces from the luxury fashion brand hit the net yesterday. Creative director, Ricardo Tisci, spoke to about why he chose Erykah, saying that she’s, “one of the most stylish women I’ve met in my life.”

He went on to discuss state of race in the fashion industry:

There was a lot of talk this season in fashion.  Me, I was one of the persons who ended up not being touched by this. I discovered Joan Smalls, I discovered Maria [Borges]. I discovered a lot of black girls, and I’ve been always supporting them. For me, I grew up in a family and I grew up in a culture, an education, that we all are the same.

And shared if he thinks the world will catch up to his lead:

I hope so. It’s 2013. Everybody’s being so cool about Instagram, about Facebook, any media—everybody’s being so open. At the end of the day, why are not so many black girls or Latin girls in shows? When you have an American president who is black! When I see this happening, it’s quite sad, I think. People can be so avant-garde, so advanced, but actually not, because people are still making differences between skin color.

Tisci already had the Dallas native in mind when designing the Spring 2014 collection, which combines a mix of African and Japanese influences.

Congrats Ms. Badu!


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