Draya Michele Dishes On Mint Swim Swimwear Line, Offers Advice To Those Wanting To Step Outside Of Their Comfort Zone


The Source recently caught up with Draya Michele to talk her highly successful swimwear line, Mint Swim. She has already expanded her line to include plus size pieces and children’s swimwear – and also has plans to expand even further with styles for men, plus loungewear. If you missed her “Casino Collection” check that out here.

During her chat with the publication, she dished on why she decided to start the line of swimsuits and if she expected for it to grow into such a large business, the space she’s in at point in her life – and she also offered advice for those wanting to step outside of their comfort zone and take on a different role.

On why she decided to create a swimwear line:

I wanted to do something others really weren’t doing. Especially for young Black women, no one had tapped into the swimwear industry yet, so I decided to do it. I always loved the beach and I always loved water, so it made sense for me to create my own swimwear. I started to promote it exclusively to people who were following me on social media, and it took off from there.


On if she expected it to grow into such a large business:

Yes! I was very intentional when coming up with the concept for the line. I definitely needed it to work out; it wasn’t a side project or done on a whim. I wanted it to be an exit out of reality television. I wanted to create something meaningful I could continue to grow and pass down to my children. I think that’s so important.

On what kind of space she’s in during this phase of her life:

I feel excited and I feel anxious. I’m also very curious. I haven’t really expected what’s happened to me this far, from my personal life to my career. I know what I planned and had in-store for myself, but it’s all far exceeding my expectations. It’s crazy. I’m doing what I love, going to the beach and researching trends and planning my next moves. I feel blessed to be in such a fun space doing what I love.

Advice for those wanting to step outside of their comfort zone and take on a different role:

Just know that when it’s time, you’ll know it. Get organized and get the behind the scenes stuff done before you make any announcements. ‘Coming soon’ doesn’t translate in the right way to people, and that’s how you get haters and doubters discouraging you before you have time to flesh everything out. Make sure you’re confident in your plans before showing the world, that way other people’s hate and jealousy won’t make you doubt yourself and not follow through.

Read the interview in full at The Source.

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