Bow Wow Answers Questions On Love & Relationships With Angela Simmons


Angela Simmons launched her new website, Angela I Am, over a month ago – and on it she shares tips on fashion, beauty, fitness and more. She had an idea for a Q&A series, and recently sat down with one of her close friends, Bow Wow, to chat about his thoughts on relationships and love.

She wrote; “Recently, I was thinking it would be interesting to share different perspectives on love and life from those around me. I think we all can relate to these topics as we continue to grow as individuals (progress, not perfection!) and thought it would be cool to begin a Q&A series. Recently I talked to Bow about his thoughts on love and relationships.”

Check out a little of their conversation below..

How would you describe yourself in a relationship?

I’m cool laid back. Don’t really trip much. I’m the only child so it’s like I’m used to doing things on my own. So I don’t mind cleaning and all that. I don’t let my woman do all the work, I don’t believe in that. I just roll with the flow.

What would your dream date be?

You know what I really wouldn’t know. I ain’t been on a date in so long… My dates aren’t dates — like if I hit you to invite you out, it’s usually to the club or a game or something. It’s a fun atmosphere. I ain’t know people still did those traditional dinner dates with the flower in the center of table. Haha

What qualities do you look for in a partner?

Looks, smarts, attitude… all that is important. She gotta have a job and just play her role. Be loyal and we all good.

What’s a common mistake you think a lot of couples make?

Not being open and honest and just experiencing things together to make the relationship stay fresh and new.

What’s something you’ve learned from previous relationships?

Sometimes you better off single. That’s real.

Love is…

POWERFUL. Be cautious who you use that word with.

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