August Alsina Reveals Beef With Trey Songz


Up-and-coming New Orleans native crooner, August Alsina, reveals that things have gone sour between him and fellow R&B artist, Trey Songz.

On the promo trail for his forthcoming debut album, Testimony (due April 15th), August sat down with Rap-Up, where he said that he and Trey are no longer on the same page:

I don’t really f*ck with Trey right now. We don’t get along right now. We ain’t on the same page. He did some other sh*t and we just don’t rock.

He also touched a little on how things got to this point:

Like I tell people all the time, show me that you’re this person on day one… You should always be that person. We were supposed to have a show together and it just went left ’cause I can’t deal with ni**as’ egos and attitudes ’cause I’m just a real ni**a comin’ through and I’m rockin’.

Once ni**as go to talkin’ a certain type of way, that shit ain’t gon’ fly with me and that’s all that was and I just had to not do the show ’cause I can’t stand on side of a ni**a if I really got something that I feel in my heart. It just ain’t gon’ work, so I just had to dip and we didn’t do it, but it is what it is.

Although he’s not seeing eye to eye with Trey, he says things are cool with him and his other “I Luv This Sh*t” remix collaborator, Chris Brown:

As far as Chris, that my ni**a. That’s love. I spoke to him a while ago, he goin’ through what he goin’ through, his situation, and I just always try to uplift him with positivity and love.

Check it out in the video below..

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