Ashanti Stalker Convicted Of Felony Stalking, Singer Reacts On Social Media


A Manhattan jury has found Ashanti‘s stalker guilty. It is reported that Devar Hurd, who has been stalking and harassing the singer and her family for nearly a decade, was convicted of felony stalking on Friday.

According to NY Daily News:

This is the third attempt to convict him on the top count in his current indictment. His first trial in 2014 resulted in a mistrial because a juror got sick during deliberations. In October, he was convicted on several counts including criminal contempt but the jury could not reach a consensus on the top count. Hurd, who has delusions that he actually had a relationship with the sexy singer, was convicted in 2009 of stalking and harassing. Prosecutors proved he was at several events attended by Ashanti’s younger sister and that he tweeted at Ashanti hundreds of times in violation of strict orders of protection that were issued after the first conviction.

Hurd will be sentenced on March 31; facing up to four years behind bars – and has been in jail since 2013 in connection with the current case.

On Instagram, Ashanti rejoiced over the verdict with her mom, sister and supporters: “Thank you God for the blessing of this finally being over. & Thank you guys so much for all your prayers!!!” she wrote. “You never know what someone else is going through. I didn’t do a lot of talking about this… Just a lot of Praying. For any other women dealing with anything like this remember to be strong & brave! @liltuneshi @theoriginalmomanger it’s over. #GodIsGreat.”

Good news for Ashanti and her family.

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