Ashanti Dishes On New Album, Reconnecting With Ja Rule [Video]


Ashanti recently sat down with Hip Hollywood, where she dished on her new album, reconnecting with her label mate, Ja Rule, following his incarceration and the longevity of her career.

“I’m pushing it just a little bit, just lyrically and getting deeper, and finding different sounds,” she says about her upcoming album. “And, honestly, kind of sticking with what works for Ashanti. It’s always tempting to do something new and different, ‘this one is doing this, and this one is doing that.’ But, I think it’s very important to stick to your roots.”

Ashanti says that when Ja Rule went away, it kind of brought them closer.


“You know, like I was writing him, and we had a three hour conversation a day or two before he went in,” she explains. “It was crazy.. we talked about everything.. everything that happened within the years. And, it’s like we’re even closer now.”

On the longevity of her career, she says: “It’s weird, because sometimes, I didn’t like to bring up the federal indictment. I didn’t like to bring up certain things, because I felt like it was a cloud, but now, however many years later — being here, and executive producing a movie and still doing music and having my own record label, after going through something so harsh, is really like, a blessing.

Although Ashanti’s new album doesn’t have a release date yet, she plans to drop a new single this summer, and to have the album ready by the end of the year.

Photos: Ashanti – Instagram

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