Alicia Keys Tapped As Brand Ambassador For New Levi’s Jeans


Alicia Keys has signed on as the new face of Levi’s, and the “Girl on Fire” songstress looks gorgeous in ads for the campaign. She rocks a single braid in her long tresses, a black leather jacket, and skinny jeans from the brand.

According to the New York Times, eighty years after introducing its first women’s jeans, Levi Strauss & Company will unveil what its chief product officer, Karyn Hillman, calls the most comprehensive rethinking of its female-centric styles since 1934.


The revamp includes larger back pockets, new branding (especially the “two horse pull” label on the waistband) on all the styles, from the Lot 700s to the Lot 500s, and new fabrications — as well as Alicia Keys as the new brand ambassador. Additionally, the new Levi’s Lot 711 to 721 are 20 to 40 percent stretch, while the new 710s are 50 to 90 percent – a factor that attracted Alicia to the project.

“My personal jeans slogan is, ‘If it ain’t tight, it ain’t right. It’s my motto,” said Alicia, who pointed out that she just had her second child. “It’s so much better because the stretch is really comfortable. You don’t have to lie on the bed to get them up. You know, I’m a very shapely woman, and often a lot of fashion does not seem to celebrate a shapely woman. But that courtesy should be present in everything we wear.”

Alicia will appear in a video for the campaign – made for TV, movie theaters, and digital – that will feature a song entitled “28,000,” from her upcoming album.


Photos: Alicia Keys/ Levi’s – Instagram/ NY Times

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